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Energetic work can help you learn the deep wisdoms of your body because “your body is wise and your symptoms are always your teachers.”



What is Energetic Healing?

Energetic Healing is a form of complementary and alternative medicine based on the belief that vital energy flows through the human body.

The goal of energy healing is to balance the energy flow in the patient. 

It is used to reduce stress and anxiety and promote well-being. Energy healing is being studied in patients receiving cancer therapy, to find out if it can improve quality of life, boost the immune system, or reduce side effects.


Path Of Wholeness & Awakening

We have forgotten our soul's desire for balance and brightness. Energetic Healing can help remind us of what we want in our life path. 


Vibration & Harmonizing

During Healing sessions, we are not just looking at relaxation but at harmonizing the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing and reconnecting to our spiritual self. 


Deep Heart Healing

Energetic Healing emphasizes the healing of the Heart system. Working on anxiety, stress, sadness, and grounding our spirit. The healing and energizing is revitalizing and purifying for all the organ systems. Each treatment is always on what is needed in the present moment. 

What to Expect in an Energetic Healing Session. 


Alexandra uses a combination of healing treatments that are customized to what clients may need in their sessions. 

This may include Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Zero Balancing, and Sound Healing. 

1st Session

Alexandra does a brief intake in the first session to assess what imbalances are occurring in the body. You will be asked to lay down on a massage table, fully clothed except for your shoes. You must still be wearing a mask during the session.  


It is best to choose loose-fitting garments to wear on the day of your appointment. You may be asked to remove any jewelry (rings, bracelets, pendants, etc) prior to the session.

Each Session is 75 Min ($125)


Before & After Your Healing Session

Energetic Healing is not a massage. There is no kneading or manipulation of the tissues or muscles of the patient. Instead, the practitioner’s hands remain still, and the energy of healing is sent through the practitioner to the patient. 

Energetic Healing Treatment is a smart energy that automatically flows where the imbalances are in your body regardless of where the practitioner’s hands are placed.

      Treatments are said to be 100% safe and do not incur any side effects or injuries. There are sensations that are felt, but they are different for everybody. Some people experience a sensation of warmth or tingling. Others experience a feeling of relaxation and balance. 

There is however an effect from a deep treatment called LAW OF CURE (read below). 


How the body heals.

Dr. Hering  known as the  American Father of Homeopathy observed that the body wants to externalize disease, and that symptom will surface as part of the healing process. When the disease is present, and the body is given an opportunity to heal, a person’s symptoms will appear and disappear in the reverse order of their appearance upon the body.


This means that a patient might experience old symptoms during the healing process. Dr. Hering also observed that the body heals from top to bottom, and from more vital organs to less vital organs. Typically symptoms of past trauma occur in a 24-48 hour period then go away. 

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